A blog about the things I make and modify, with occasional thrift purchases that I am especially proud of. Some things I make to hopefully sell, others I just want to show off, but the right price will take anything--shoot me an email if you are interested!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Ties for Sale!

Here are some ties I found thrifting while traveling for Christmas.  photo IMG_0115.jpg  photo IMG_0117.jpg They're all for sale at the following prices: Bert Pulitzer for Lord and Taylor: $8 Gordon and Davis Madder: $18 Pendleton Wool: $18 Flying Scotsman silk: $12 Bert Pulitzer Indian cotton Madras: $12

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  1. Fabulous details! I love your shots; these people are so stylish it’s amazing! Your post is very beneficial for those folks who love to buy pocket square online & buy tie online.


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