A blog about the things I make and modify, with occasional thrift purchases that I am especially proud of. Some things I make to hopefully sell, others I just want to show off, but the right price will take anything--shoot me an email if you are interested!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Six Fold Tie

Here's another piece I made a few months ago and haven't gotten around to posting. I made it from some thrifted cotton fabric I had lying around. The pictures are pretty bad, but I'm feeling really lazy.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bow Ties New and Old

I recently realized two things. First, I have made a good number of bow ties for the Spring-Summer season that are unwearable in Fall and Winter (pink seersucker is definitely not going to fly in the snow). More plaids and small checks in subdued colors are needed for the coming weather!

Second, I haven't posted the majority of my early bow ties which I like and which see regular wear. The remedy to both is below:

Today's Thrifting

A trip to New Life Thrift Shop scored the wife a bunch of kitchen/household goodies, but not as much for me. There were 2 J Press tweed jackets with bad stains and a Burberry with the same. I did get this silk pocket square, though:

I just thought the other day that a simple cream silk pocket square would be a great accessory for pair with tweed blazers and wool/knit ties to balance the texture a bit. For a few bucks, it wasn't a bad find. Here's a tip for people not living in Philly--if you are looking for these things, they're usually in the ladies' clothing section with scarves. But don't take my word for it, the pros do it, too.

The bonus--after leaving the thrift store I noticed a set of dumbbells sitting on the curb a block away. After a quick U-turn, I now have two handles and 4 10 lb plates. The trip was quite successful after all!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My New Hat

This is something I started last winter and wasn't really pleased with. I basically made the whole thing three times to tweak the shape, and I am relatively pleased with it now. The bill was another thing I had to do a few times to get to work out, but I think I have found a pattern that works. I may add a few details later, but here it is for now:

It's nice to have something done just in time for the proper season. I usually start things when I want them and finish them when they're just going out of season (see bow ties).
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