A blog about the things I make and modify, with occasional thrift purchases that I am especially proud of. Some things I make to hopefully sell, others I just want to show off, but the right price will take anything--shoot me an email if you are interested!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Pipe/Sunglasses Cases--SOLD

These are about 8" by 4", and will hold relatively flat (Wayfarer!) sunglasses, or average-sized pipes quite easily. They are made out of padded foam with a soft inner lining and stylish plaid outer layer. I made them because I was tired of having to be careful with my pipes when I took them in my car or wanted to throw them in a bag for a trip. Anyone want one for $12?


  1. I will take one. Where do I send my money? (Color - make it a surprise, Thom!)

  2. Your mother in law would take one; will send $ for it....surprise me.

  3. Grey plaid in the middle back and one of the brownish with red and yellow are left.


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