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Friday, April 22, 2011

New Thrift Finds

I found these Sperry Makos in size 10M. They are in really good shape, and look as if they have hardly been worn. There is plenty of wear left in the soles, as you can see. They'll probably go up on eBay.

This Orvis jacket was also a steal. It's a little round in the midsection for me, but I am contemplating taking a whack at altering that. I have a few jackets that I want some more waist suppression in, but haven't gotten around to messing with. There are some nice details like leather buttons and elbow pads.

It is also a real sports jacket--removable button tab to keep you warm when fowling in foul weather and biswing (I think that's the right term) pleats on the back allow for free arm movement without pulling too much on the back.

I also got some ties for 50 cents. The one on the left is cotton madras, of about medium width (just what I like) and the right is thinner knit tie.

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