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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Some Great Thift Finds

Here are three pocket squares that I got for a great price! Two are silk and the grey one is a soft cotton (sold). I've been trying to get some new color in my closet since I mostly have shades of blue and red (which are great), so there's a lot of variety I'm missing. The red piece is a silk scarf with a pull (lower right) and a stain which I plan to turn into bow ties and pocket squares. I don't need the blue one and wouldn't miss the grey too much, so they are both up for grabs. $3 for the grey, $8 for the blue silk.

 I also picked up this navy tie.
 It has a really nice texture and some gold stripes.

 Finally, I got some 7.5D  RL Polo Bench Made spectators (two-toned shoes). I'm not sure how much these retail for, but it was probably around $200 or more. The soles have hardly any wear, so I'm hoping to got a decent bit of money for them on eBay or elsewhere. Anyone need them?

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