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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Altering Jacket Length

I'm too lazy to fix this picture, but you can see how short the sleeves are. Usually you can't lengthen sleeves unless they are new because there will be a wear line where the old hem was, but since this is 100% cotton Madras and in such a big, bright pattern, its not as visible.
So I took them apart. There was an interlining that I removed, ironed, and reattached. 

Then I added an inch in length and started to redo the out placket with the mitered corner.
 Each fold gets an ironing before hand stitching together. I found it too difficult to do the miter on my machine, so I just did a few hand stitches.

Here its ready for stitching.
The inner placket is easy, and once they were all sown up, I put the buttons back, paying attention to placement on the unaltered sleeve. I used masking tape to keep them straight while sewing. Last of all I re-sewed the lining to the edge by hand.

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